Body Blows

A crossword puzzle by Sage Kitamorn. Download [PDF] [Across Lite]

Nori Scrambled Eggs on Sesame Wheat Toast

A perk of living in the Mission is easy access to the Sesame Wheat bread from Tartine Bakery. Generous slices are toasted, buttered, and toped with scrambled eggs imbued with Nor Fumi Furikake (Japanese seaweed-based rice seasoning).

Wild Salmon with Lemon and Dill

Salmon cooks quickly, making it a great choice for weeknight dinners. It’s also loaded with good fats to help keep cholesterol in check.

Spaghetti with Homemade Mushroom Marinara

Pre-made pasta sauce is surprisingly expensive. It’s also often loaded with sugar and salt. A simple can of tomatoes, on the other hand, is cheap and additive-free (if you buy the right can). In this sauce, the canned tomatoes are simmered with garlic and olive oil, then pureed with the immersion blender. The sauce was…

Big Spinach Salad

Our healthy home cooking includes a many variations on spinach salad. The constants are a spinach base and simple vinaigrette dressing. Topping vary based on the season and what we have fresh. Some of my favorites include cucumbers, bell peppers, and toasted nuts.

Katsu Curry

Two variations of Katsu curry – Pork and Tofu. The proteins are breaded in a simple mixture of panko, salt and pepper, then fried in shallow vegetable oil. 


This past week Alice and I got hooked on Terrace House: Opening New Doors. It’s a charming Japanese reality show on Netflix. One of the things they do on the show often is cook and eat, and after watching two characters attempt to make Oyakodon, I got inspired to try it myself. I’ve had this…

Chinese Roast Pork

“Roast Pork and Red Rice” was one of my favorite meals from childhood. In this dish, pork loin or chops are marinated overnight then baked or grilled to a perfection. I’ve found it useful to pre-slice a loin into medallions. This increases the surface area for marination and reduces cooking time. It’s possible to lose juiciness this…

Hidden Design: American Flag Rice Krispie Treats

Throwback to July 4, 2015. How are you celebrating Independence Day? In need of a special treat to take to our friends 4th of July party, I improvised a brick of “hidden design” American Flag Rice Krispie Treats. With every slice, each guest gets their own delicious American Flag! Construction tips: Make three separate batches…

Zucchini Chicken

Recipe Marinate 3 chicken thighs, cut up, in a mixture of soy sauce, minced garlic, vinegar, maggi sauce For as long as it takes to do step 2  Chop 1 onion 3 zucchinis mushrooms Stir Fry in a wok Add successively: onions, chicken, zucchini, mushrooms Add oyster sauce, sugar, and black pepper to taste Thicken…

Red Curry Potatoes

Thai red curry sauce over fried golden potatoes and baked chickpeas. Served with carrots and roasted cauliflower. Vegetarian except for the fish sauce.  

By Any Other Name

Happy Pride 2018 – in this puzzle, all of the theme clues are homophones. A crossword puzzle by Sage Kitamorn. Download: [PDF][Across Lite]

Chicken Mole

1 yellow onion 4 tomatoes Mole sauce concentrate (from the Mexican market; it’s mostly roasted chiles and nuts) Chicken thighs Chicken broth Avocado lime Sauté 1 chopped onion and 4 chopped tomatoes; add chicken thighs and cook through. Remove chicken and set aside. Puree the tomatoes and onions with an immersion blender to a smooth consistency…

A Simple Pasta

Sautee: Mushrooms, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes in the oil of the tomatoes Add olives, pitted and sliced Add garbanzo beans, separately toasted Toss with thin spaghetti

Banana Bread

Alice and I had a few bananas that were ready to become banana bread. We followed the recipe from Simply Recipes with a few adjustments: Reduced sugar to 1/2 cup. + cinnamon + fresh ground clove

Made to Order

Send feedback to Sage A crossword puzzle by Sage Kitamorn. Download [PDF][Across Lite]

Rocky Mountaineer Poems

Authors note: I wrote these poems in May 2017 aboard the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver, BC to Banff, Alberta. The first is inspired by a story told by the train staff of a farmer disgruntled by the noise of passing trains who would protest by standing guard at the edge of his property armed and…

Collective Nouns for Jessicas

Authors note: I wrote this poem in August 2014 after I realized that I have more friends named Jessica than any other name. According to the Social Security Administration baby names stats, Jessica was the #1 or #2 most popular name for baby girls for 17 consecutive years, from 1981 to 1997.  Collective Nouns for…

Buttermilk Waffles

This morning was the start of Brenda’s first day in San Francisco, so we made a special Sunday Breakfast. We used Martha Stewart’s recipe for Buttermilk Waffles, and made them on a waffle iron rented from Omni. We don’t own a waffle iron, but because of Omni, we can use one every once in a while.  Some…


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Social Ills

Download: [PDF] [ Across Lite ] Thanks for checking out the Social Ills puzzle! You may have noticed there are a bunch of musical references in there. Once you’re all done, or don’t mind being spoiled, here’s a playlist of all the music from the puzzle.