Nori Scrambled Eggs on Sesame Wheat Toast

A perk of living in the Mission is easy access to the Sesame Wheat bread from Tartine Bakery. Generous slices are toasted, buttered, and toped with scrambled eggs imbued with Nor Fumi Furikake (Japanese seaweed-based rice seasoning).

Banana Bread

Alice and I had a few bananas that were ready to become banana bread. We followed the recipe from Simply Recipes with a few adjustments: Reduced sugar to 1/2 cup. + cinnamon + fresh ground clove

Buttermilk Waffles

This morning was the start of Brenda’s first day in San Francisco, so we made a special Sunday Breakfast. We used Martha Stewart’s recipe for Buttermilk Waffles, and made them on a waffle iron rented from Omni. We don’t own a waffle iron, but because of Omni, we can use one every once in a while.  Some…