Rocky Mountaineer Poems

Authors note: I wrote these poems in May 2017 aboard the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver, BC to Banff, Alberta. The first is inspired by a story told by the train staff of a farmer disgruntled by the noise of passing trains who would protest by standing guard at the edge of his property armed and often disrobed. The second is inspired by Shuswap Lake, which we passed along the way. The third is an ode to one of our cabin attendants, Gearóid (pronounced gear-rod).


The Naked Farmer (a haiku)

Traveling through Western Canada aboard the Rocky Mountaineer
Possibly Lake Shuswap, as we travel through Western Canada aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

Ancient glaciers drip
An old man’s patience worn thin
Pants down; rifle up

The Lady of the Lake

A woman we saw in Vancouver
Was skilled in a special maneuver
‘Twas some kind of flip flop
They called the “Full Shuswap”
Discretion advised to the viewer

Hot Rod (for Gearóid)

The eyes of Éire are beset
It seems like we only just met!
This hard-driving hot bod

The panoramic roof of the Rocky Mountaineer
The panoramic roof of the Rocky Mountaineer

Our heart-throbbing Gearóid
Is training for bigger things yet!

In many a lassies’ opinion
Gearóid has a way with the women
His Ireland conquest
‘Fore long there were none left
So now he must tour the dominion!

When you hear that velvety voice
It’s as if you don’t have a choice
A charmer like no man
Commanding Li’l Conan
Its Geraóid, our Gearóid, Rejoice!


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