Hidden Design: American Flag Rice Krispie Treats

Throwback to July 4, 2015. How are you celebrating Independence Day? In need of a special treat to take to our friends 4th of July party, I improvised a brick of “hidden design” American Flag Rice Krispie Treats. With every slice, each guest gets their own delicious American Flag!

A long rectangle of rice krispie treats with one slice removed. The cross-section reveals an American Flag design.
Hidden Design American Flag Rice Krispie Treats

Construction tips:

  • Make three separate batches of rice krispies, one for each color
  • Add the food coloring to the melted
  • marshmallows step
  • For the red and white, first roll out the hot rice krispie mixture into broad, flat layers on a baking sheet; let cool enough to handle, but still warm enough to be sticky.
  • Slice the red and white into long strips and stack into flag stripes.  The top three (red, white, red) narrower to leave room for the blue field
  • Form the blue block on a separate pan first, then insert into the assembled flag
Alternating thin layers of red and white rice krispie treat are stacked up to resemble the stripes of the American Flag
In Progress: American Flag Rice Krispie Treat
American Flag Rice Krispie Treats
American Flag Rice Krispie Treats