Where is my mind = Tyler

I just realized that Tyler by the Toadies is essentially the same song as Where is My Mind by The Pixies. 
I was walking back from lunch humming Tyler, and by the time I got back to my office, it had morphed into Where is My Mind.  I mentioned it to Brian, and he was like, "dude, the Toadies even admitted that a long time ago.  They were huge fans of the Pixies."

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  • when i read the title of this post on my live.com page i thought it had something to do with the movie fight club. at the end, edward norton shoots himself, which effectively kills tyler. and “where is my mind?” is the song in the background as all the buildings collapse.

  • you’ve seen that movie right? i sort of assume that every one has, so i hope i didn’t just spoil it for you…

  • Yes, I’ve seen Fight Club.

    The name of the song Tyler supposedly came from Tyler, Texas. I wonder if the Fight Club Soundtrack/movie character vector is simply a coincidence.

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