Voting Records

What do you care about when you vote? One of my most important issues is civil liberties. This handy site recaps the voting records of all of our senators and representatives on key pieces of legislation relating to civil liberties. Thanks digg for the link.

My Senators are:

Maria Cantwell, Democrat incumbent, up
for re-election this year against Republican Mike McGavick.
Patty Murray, Democrat incumbent, in the
middle of her term.

My representative is:

Jim McDermott, Democrat Incumbent of the 7th District of Washington. He has an excellent record on protecting my civil liberties. Thanks Jim! By the way, Representative McDermott is unchallenged this November. Seriouly Republicans? Nobody?

So, congresspersons, you better be on your best behavior. I’m watching you.

If you’re interested in researching your candidates, the New York Times 2006 Election Guide is a great place to start.