Quick Poll: Where do you read my blog?

a) Facebook
d) Some other RSS reader: ____________
e) I don't read your blog, but I'll leave a comment anyway just to be explicit.
Pleae leave a comment with your answer.
Why?  I kind of want to revamp my personal website, but I want to know if anyone ever actually goes there.  Maybe that time would be better invested making Facebook applications instead.

5 Responses

  • i use live.com to see when you update, but i read the posts at sage.kitamorn.com. it’s easier to read on the actual blog site instead of in the little pop up window on live.com, especially when there are photos.

    what does a “revamp” entail for you?

  • The revamp might include new colors, new layout, and perhaps a different presentaion of the content I am federating from other services (flickr and pandora)

  • d) Google Reader.

    BTW, try using feedburner and google analytics to keep track of visitors and subscribers.

  • Mom

    I use sage.kitamorn.com to keep abreast of your musings and photos.
    Whatever you do keep it “Mom” user friendly.

  • Jackie

    I use Bloglines.

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