We ACHE!!! We ACHE!!!

As part of their global plot to sell more milk, the California Milk Processors Board [gotmilk.com] is now claming that milk cures PMS. Well, legally, they claim that it may… help… reduce… the symptoms of… PMS.

But don’t take my word for it, travel to the distand land of Brittleactica and listen to the crimson-clad Grand Dame of Pmstonia tell her story.

Pmstonia is a volitile and ever-changing region of Brittleactica. Pmstonians are known for their harsh legal system. Even practical jokes are against the law in every of Pmstonia. The punishment for such a crime is the dreaded evil eye.

The discovery of the Micacle Elixir even applies to our inhabitants of PMStonia. We now have a reason to believe that consumption of the White Wonder Tonic may also reduce the symptoms of PMS. This is of particular significance for you husbands of PMSTonia.

I guess the fact that I am telling you this is a sign that this is a pretty effective ad campaign. I’ll leave you all to go play around in Brittleactica while I go eat some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I think I will pour too much milk in the bowl on purpose, so I’ll have to drink the cinnamon-y excess.

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  • speaking of cereal…the new life vanilla yogurt crunch is amazing. it’s regular life cereal with crunchy oat clusters covered in vanilla yogurt. it’s so tasty!

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