Seems to Me

It feels like this song has been trying to find me. Last week it was on the radio in a friend’s car while we were driving home. Last night it was playing outside of Ralph’s Grocery and Deli as I walked to meet Stephen downtown for dinner.

Today I read the full lyrics and it’s surprising how well it fits for whats been going on lately.

Walk Away by the James Gang

Plus you can’t deny- this is a pretty kickin’ video.

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  • Mom

    Wow, you actually heard that song twice. Did you notice it was Joe Walsh singing? Later he was with the Eagles and on the Drew Carey show. Thanks for the lyrics. Never could understand what he was singing. The clip makes me nostalgic for shows like the Midnight Special, where bands played live. You saw the whole band play for the entie length of the song.

  • My reaction when I heard the song in the car was “This sounds like Joe Waslh, but this certainly isn’t the Eagles.”

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