The best-tasting things I’ve put in my mouth

This is in response to Kayla's post on my Facebook Wall:

A few weeks ago when describing some food I said, "This is one of the best-tasting things I've ever put in my mouth." And then I thought about how you might think that was funny and that I should tell you. but I didn't remember to tell you until just now. And also I'm in the process of compiling a list of the best-tasting things I've put in my mouth. If your list wouldn't be too extensive, perhaps you should compile one as well. so far mine only has a handful of dishes.

So here you go, "The best-tasting things I've put in my mouth"

Opah with Cucumber Macadamia Nut Relish
Opah fillet is flash-seared with Thai chili, yellow curry and lemon grass, served on sticky rice with sweet chili sauce and cucumber-macadamia nut relish. 
From Seastar in Bellevue.

Crispy Garlic Chicken (King’s Favorite)
Stir-fried crispy chicken in a rich garlic sauce and served on a bed of crispy basil. 
From Chantanee in Bellevue.

‘Cheap Dates’

Medjoohl dates wrapped in bacon, grilled eggplant, red onion
Bistec a la Parilla
Grilled beef tenderloin, black bean pate, Yukon Gold potatoes, truffle jus
From Tango in Seattle
Tamales de Mole' Negro
Black mole' with your choice of chicken or pork, wrapped in a banana leaf
La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard:

Two Meat Plate

With brisket and dark meat chicken.  Green bean casserole and peach cobbler for sides.
From Pok-e-Jo's in Austin
Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings
Made only for special occasions
From my Mom's kitchen in Round Rock
Chicken Chipotle Chile Rellenos
Made by me

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  • haha very nice, i especially love the end!

  • Mom

    Someone is getting wings next time they come home!

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