That was so much fun

Tonight after Orchestra, I went down to the Irish Emigrant for karaoke night (I know, seriously) with Gautam, Stephen, and Neal. I took the opportunity to let out years and years of pent-up karaoke energy.

What I sing? Thanks for asking.

  • Elvis Costello – Alison
    • I got this out of my system while it was still early and the place was mostly empty. Gautam’s tip: sing louder.
  • Ides of March – Vehicle
    • No problem singing louder. I absolutely love this song. And I’d like to take this space to point out that this song is not by Blood, Sweat and Tears. It’s an easy mistake to make, though, it sounds almost exactly like them. When I downloaded the mp3 for the first time (using original Napster in 2000, baby), it was mislabeled.
  • Huey Lewis and the News – The Heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll
    • Detroit! (bop bop)… (da da do wop) Ugh! Heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Queen – Bohemian Rapshody
    • We had to do something that would get all of the guys on stage, and the entire bar singing along. Any way the wind blows…

This place is really fun. This actually isn’t the first time I’d sung there. A few weeks ago, Gautam and I put forth one of the drunkest, sloppiest versions of Lola (by the Kinks). Hopefully tonight’s performances got us back into the black.

Annnnnnd tomorrow, I have a 10am conference call. Sweet. Better get some sleep.

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  • add this to the list of things for us to do while i am in seattle. i want to see you do karaoke!

  • Mom

    I’m your vehicle baby
    I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go
    I’m your vehicle woman
    By now I’m sure you know
    That I love ya (love you)
    I need ya (need you)
    I want to, got to have you child
    Great God in heaven, you know I love you

    OH, YES! What a great song. Rock On.

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