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Here’s some unsorted noise:

Tonight I sang Strawberry Fields Forever to a nearly-empty Irish Emigrant. What happened to this place? It used to be so packed. Strawberry Fields Forever modulates downward on the word “down”. I couldn’t actually remember how the song went until I got on stage and heard the first few strains of the intro. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was stuck in my head. The other song I sang was Panama by Van Halen. Does anybody remember that Drew Carey episode …?

It was Eric’s last night for Trivia tonight. We were one point away from second place. I got a question right which was totally a wild guess. The category was “Haloween Traditions.” The question was something like “… this tradition used to be used to suggest who would be the next to be married, similar to the throwing of the bouquet …”. Leave a comment if you think you know the answer. Brie wore her glasses tonight.

I am listening to Barack Obama’s audiobook version of The Audacity of Hope. I like his thought process. I prefer Senator Obama to Senator Clinton. Obama vs. McCain … could I only dream of such good options.

I am rediscovering my Dave Matthews albums. Spoon in spoon, stirring my coffee.

If you can find Jennifer’s Windows Live Space, you can find a picture of my Halloween costume. I’ll post it myself after actual Halloween has passed.

I want to make a blog post about my plans for a room without a desk. But I’m hung up on mocking up a composite picture of what it will look like. The actual project is hung up on me cleaning my room. I will not buy new stuff until my room is clean.

Before I make a blog post about buying stuff for myself, I feel like I should make a blog post about my 2007 charitable contributions. Like Erin’s. But do I really want to talk about that? Does anyone care who I give money to?

Sunday, Hugo, Jennifer and I ate at Kingfish, a soul food restaurant up on Capitol Hill halfway to Madison Park. It was tasty, but incredibly heavy. I felt it all day. I did not realize until I was halfway done eating that I had ordered a comically stereotypical meal: a waffle, with fried chicken, served with watermelon.

The rain yesterday was beautiful; contrasted with bolts of bold sunlight. Today I shivered while trying to buy Haloweeen candy. The sun set at 4:55.

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  • Jackie

    Wow, so many things to comment on!

    Why do you prefer Obama to Clinton? I don’t know too much about the differences in their policies.

    DMB = GOOD.

    Yes, I care about which charitities you donate to. Even though it feels kind of akward/crass to talk about money, I think there’s a lot of good about being open about charitable giving. For one thing, it increases peer pressure to give, and it helps people gauge what is “a lot” and what is “a little”. Also, if you care about your charities, it’s great to publicize them to other people. This year I gave to Cornell, my local PBS station, and my local United Way. These were kinda safe choices to support my belief in education, public broadcasting, and supporting the homeless. Ideally I would give to more specific organizations I think.

    Happy Halloween!

  • Jackie, good to hear from you again!

    I haven’t read (or listened to) Hillary’s book yet, so my impressions of her are mostly based on my limited knowledge of her record and news coverage.

    Most strikigly, I feel that Senator Obama would be a better champion of individual liberty.

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