Give 2007

Inspired by Erin’s post on this topic, encouraged by Jackie, for the betterment of humanity, and partly as a hedge the subject matter of my next post, here’s a rundown of my charitable contributions for next year. American Civil Liberties Union – This is my most passionate cause. The free exchange of information is the foundation of a democratic society. We cannot trust the government to protect our cherished liberties. It is the very nature of power to crave more power, which is clearly evident by the actions of our present administration and Congress. This contribution helps protect our right to speak and publish ideas, our right to criticize our own government, and our right to be left alone in our own homes.

Planned Parenthood of Western Washington – Unplanned pregnancies lead to unplanned children. These children are disproportionately likely to grow up in poverty. The futures of the mothers can be irreversibly derailed, schooling may be cut short, they may have to enter the workforce earlier than planned, and they may be facing these challenges without the help of a loving husband.

I unabashedly support full reproductive education in public schools, including birth control methods, abstinence, emergency contraception, and abortion options. I also support the wide availability of reproductive healthcare, including abortion services.

United Way – The United Way is my way of helping out my community in a broad and less-targeted way. This money is also multiplied twice: once by Microsoft, and again by the Gates Challenge.

Humane Society – Pets make people happy, and our friends need to be protected when the going gets rough.

Conservation Northwest – Keeping our homeland green, beautiful, and habitable for people and animals.

KUOW – Our local public radio station and NPR affiliate. Public radio is one direct way to support the free exchange of information. The corporate media can usually say whatever they want, but their stream of information is filtered and distorted by the interests of their conglomerate owners.