Falling Back

On the subject of daylight saving time, I want to talk about this whole springing forward nonsense. It causes me a considerable amount of discomfort to lose an hour. I hate feeling like I’m not tired when it’s time to go to bed; not feeling like waking up when the alarm goes off.

Falling back is no big deal. I am always happy to sleep longer, watch more TV… to get more time to do whatever I was already doing. This doesn’t screw me up.

This leads me to my new proposal: Instead of the naïve “spring forward” each spring, how about we “fall back 23 hours.” Here’s how it would work. On Sunday morning, at precisely 2AM, the time immediately becomes 3AM Saturday. The sunlight shift is exactly the same, but we get a free day.

I would like to hear from any naysayers who don’t want a free 23/24ths of a Saturday once a year.

2 Responses

  • hahahahaha i like your idea.

    i didn’t mind the DST change this year because i’m on break so i just slept right through it anyway, unphased.

  • Mom

    Enjoyed your latest photos. I like the way the house plant cascades down the entertainment center.
    Are you window sponging?

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