Rock the Caucus

So it looks like my vote will matter after all 🙂 I want to go buy an American flag and hang it from my balcony, along with a big sign that says Caucus Saturday at 1PM! A lot of people will see it since I live above a pretty busy intersection which is also a off-ramp from the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Let’s see if I can find some time when I’m not working to go to the store.

For those of you that live in Washington, this Saturday, February 9, you can exercise your right as a citizen to participate in the election of our leaders! Caucus in Washington!

Don’t know where to go? Go visit Erin Dean’s Washington State Caucus Information Superstore and find out how!

Also, update: $J = $B/5. For those who are interested in knowing how much other people contribute, check out this site and this site. The data are updated once per quarter, so I’m not in there yet.

2 Responses

  • you must be working too much. today’s the 7th, saturday is the 9th.

    have fun voting!

  • Thanks, Kay. I fixed it 🙂

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