Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper Fountain, originally uploaded by Sage Kitamorn.

I’m not a real big fan of soda, but when I do feel like one, I usually feel like a Dr Pepper. It is discouragingly difficult to get fountain Dr Pepper here. Since I’ve been in Seattle, I’ve replayed this conversation way too many times:

Waitress: “Would you like something to drink besides water?”
Me: “Yes, a Dr Pepper, please.”
Waitress: “Sorry, we don’t have Dr Pepper. Would you like [insert one of the following: Root Beer, Cream Soda, Ginger Ale, Sprite Zero…]

This photo was taken at a partcular BBQ place in Texas. This is what I was raised on. Seattle restaurants, please take note.

For training purposes, here’s how a TTT (Typical Texas Transplant) would expect to conduct the beverage conversation:

Waitress: “Would you like a coke?”
Customer: “Sure.”
Waitress: “What kind?”
Customer: “Dr Pepper”

2 Responses

  • It’s true, about the word Coke being code for all fizzy soda drinks.

    And it makes me feel a little fizzy toward Texas. And all the crazy people there.

    And fizzy about you because you are swell.

    It’s fun to be so fizzy!

  • It aint just Texas. In New Mexico, a Coke is a coke too!

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