The Reality Sets In

This post has nothing to do with this picture. I only put it here so that I could remind myself that nice days exist. This was taken July 5 on the banks of Lake Chelan. We rented a boat and went tubing. It was sweet. And on to the post…

I live in Seattle. It rains in Seattle. A lot. Until this winter, I thought the whole rain business was a myth, constructed to keep out all the potential transplants. I even came back and told everyone that it doesn’t really rain in Seattle. Well I was wrong. Last spring was exceptionally nice. The summers here are always nice. Fall was gray, and kinda rainy. But this since December, IT HAS NOT STOPPED RAINING. In fact, it has rained for 22 consecutive days. It has rained every day in Seattle since a week before I left for Texas. Fuck! And guess what the five day forecast looks like.

The rain isn’t really that bad by itself. But the lack of sunlight is really depressing. I had no idea how much I loved the sun until it was gone. I want a grow lamp. Right on top of my head.

On the bright side, I really don’t spend that much time in the rain. I park underground at home and at work, and I’m inside a building or my car the rest of the time. I have very few occasions when I every have to use my umbrella.

I just realized that I started the last paragraph with an inadvertent pun. That is even more depressing.

3 Responses

  • Make sure to check your Black-U-Weather Forecast!

  • Mom

    Your weather made the Austin newspaper today. If it rains for 12 more days straight, Seattle will break it’s 1953 record.
    GO FOR IT!

  • Sage,
    Whats up man? Man it seems like forever since we have talked… oh yeah, it has been forever. So, you think Seattle is wet. Enjoy that rain because I will contrast that with Lubbock Texas. We have not had measurable rain since November. I am enjoying this dry dusty place for 5 more months while I slip and slide through medical school. Of course the outlook is kinda dreary, its off to El paso for 3rd and 4th years in June.
    So, enjoy that rain and make every moment to remember that you aren’t in Lubbock Texas.
    I hope you are doing well! Take care of yourself!

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