Thank you, Blogger!

If this post shows up in my blog, then Google has fixed the bug in the new Blogger which broke posting from Microsoft Office Word 2007.



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  • Now I must add a caveat. Thanks for making initial posting work, but there are still two actions which are broken.

    1. Use Word 2007 to open an existing post.

    2. While an existing post is still open in Word 2007, edit the post and attempt to publish again.

    Both fail with the error message “Word cannot publish this post. The provider where you are trying to publish is unavailable. Contact your provider for assistance.

  • how about a real update? hehe

  • Hi Sage! I’m having the same problem: I cannot register at all without having the same error message. would you be so kind to tell me how did you solve the first part, please? At least I will start from some point! Thank you I really appreciate!

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