Clean Room!!!1!

This weekend has been quite productive. I am most satisfied with my newly clean room. For as long as I’ve lived here, I have had at least one pile somewhere in my room. Now they’re all gone. Every single one of them. My desk is clean. There are vacuum lines on the carpet.

I also upgraded my dawn simulator setup. My dawn simulator is a little box (it’s next to my alarm clock in the picture) that i plug my lamps in to. It has a clock and a timer. I set it for when I want to wake up, and it gradually turns on my lights over the course of 45 minutes. Previously, I only had it hooked up to my torcheire lamp (right of nightstand) and my ambient IKEA lamp, at the foot of my bed. That worked pretty well. When I bought the dawn simulator, the woman at the store told me that the lights have to be bright and direct. My existing lamps were neither.

Enter the grow lights. I found these lamps at Home Depot for $15 a piece, bulbs included. They are awesome. This morning I tested them out, and then mounted them nicely with some wire hiders. My goal is for my waking experience to be akin to sleeping outside, and experienceing a real sun rise.

Speaking of sun, what is that foreign stripe of photons across my bed? Could it be? Yes, it can. The rain finally let up. Fuck the record, I say. Give me sun. I’ll drink it up.

The soundtrack of the weekend has been my new Rockin’ Blues station on Pandora. Check it out. Posted by Picasa

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  • Saying that you put grow lights above your bed makes it sound like you think you’re too short.

    Now that it’s sunny in Seattle, it’s cold and rainy in Austin. :/

  • Mom

    I asked Pandora for “Without Her” by Al Cooper. It created a great station. Is Seattle still going for the record?

  • The record stopped at 27 days, I think. It didn’t rain last Sunday. However, it has rained practically every day since then.

  • Gabriel

    I REALLY like that lizard thing on the wall. Nice clean room, congrats. Hope it lasts! 😉

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