Two-Letter Words

I’ve been playing a lot of Words With Friends lately. It’s addictive.

One of the essential elements of getting good at Scrabble (or Words With Friends) is knowing your two-letter words. They may not be worth much on their own, but they enable you to make parallel words, which can really rack up the score. Much has been said about the strategy of Scrabble, so I won’t repeat it all here.

What I do have to offer is a nerdy way of visualizing the two-letter words. Most two-letter word lists just list the words. I was curious about the spatial distribution within the alphabet, including all of the vacancies where two letter words do not exist.  So I made this grid. 

Two-Letter Words in Words With Friends 

If you want to find me in Words With Friends, my username is sagek.

The words FE KI and OI are in the OSPD4 but not acceptable in Words with Friends. 

This table was made in Microsoft Office Excel. Special thanks to the CONCATENATE formula and Conditional Formatting.

My sources were this post about Words With Friends on OSXReality and this page on 2-letter Words by Steve Trussel.

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  • seanwes

    Got an update for you. Now acceptable in WWF:


  • Anonymous


    Is also acceptable in WWF. My friend and I used in our current game. 🙂

  • sjl

    Also GI.

  • sjl

    and KI.

  • I think this makes me less likely to want to find you on wordswithfriends, I'm much more confident that you would kick my arse 🙂

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