Trivia Time

In celebration of the big game tonight, here’s some Texas trivia. There are really two inspirations for this set of questions. The first is a story I read a long time ago about Scott O’Grady, the US pilot that got shot down over Bosnia. When the rescuers needed to validate his identity, and to rule out the possibility that the distress calls were a trap, they asked him a question about his college sports that the enemy would never know. Second, Jess and I have a standing disagreement about the first question. I believe that a lot more people know the answer than she does.

Test your knowledge — how well do you know Texas football?

  1. What is the best part of the Texas Texas Yee Haw cheer?
  2. What big change came for Texas Pom in 2003?
  3. Who choked in the 2001 Big XII Championship game against Colorado?
  4. What is the significance of 4th and 18?
  5. What is OU’s hand sign?

One Responses

  • 1.) The Yeeee, of course
    2.) New uniforms?
    3.) UT
    4.) (My) freshman year, Missouri (I think) game, we were at 4th and 18 and losing by a few points. So Vince went for it and made it and we ended up winning.
    5.) Upside-down longhorn. Oooor the middle finger. Or both, if you’re feeling crazy.

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