The Northwest Passage

My home improvement project today was to create a passageway from my living room to my office, through which audio/video cables can span the two rooms.

The vast majority of my music and movies live on my computer.  Hulu, streaming Netflix, Zune, even my record player – the signal begins in my office, and can be played back on through the receiver and speakers in either room.

Before, the wires had to go ‘round the cape.  This was messy.

Rounding the Cape    Floorplan - Before

The new route goes straight west through the wall.Clean and Neat   

Total project cost was $3.52 for two GFCI faceplates, four wood screws, and one square of flexible cork.  Yellow paint was leftover

Cables   Cork Flap

Thanks to John at my neighborhood hardware store, Pacific Supply for listening to my plan and offering advice on the construction.