The Faint

Hugo and I just witnessed an awesome live show — The Faint. We almost didn’t make it because I had not secured tickets before the show sold out. Luckliy I was able to get some day of from an … enterpenurial ticket reseller.

They played a great set, including a heavy dose of my favorite album, Wet From Birth. We heard my favorite song, Desperate Guys, as well as Paranoia Attack.

Thanks, Kayla for turning me on to this great band! I got you a sticker. Remid me to bring it home to you at Christmas.

I apologize for the sub-par picture. The Showbox had a no-photos policy, which I ignored, and a staff member threatened to confiscate my camera after I took a few snaps. Trust me, though, the show was beautiful. We were also front and center, thoguh we retreated a few rows of people to reach slightly safer ground. There was some pretty violent dancing going on up front. To get a really good idea of what a show looks like, check out Kayla’s pictures.

At the risk of overdosing on YouTube embeds, here is the projection video from Paranoia, posted by The Faint themselves on their YouTube channel.

2 Responses

  • that sucks about the no camera policy. at the shows i go to even if cameras aren’t allowed you can sneak them in and no one ever says anything if you’re taking photos. especially if you aren’t using flash.

    what happened to jennifer? did she decide not to go? or did she just not have the same opinion on the awesome-ness of it.

    i’m glad you got tickets and had a good time!

  • Jennifer got tired. Today, as we were driving to Steven’s Pass, we listend to the CD, which she had not heard before. Her reaction was, “I like these guys!”

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