Rock Band is Pro-America

So today I was excited to come home and play around with Rock Band 2, which had come in the mail yesterday.  My favorite part, after the singing, is creating the characters to be in my band.  Since ’tis the season, and the Election Night Hootenanny is coming up, I thought it would be fun to create a band leader I can believe in.

Wow, Rock Band.  I thought you were hip.  With it.  Part of the younger generation ready for change.  Why don’t you just come out and say it?  Is my avatar not allowed on XBOX Live because he’s not like you and me?  Does he pal around with terrorists?  Or are you just saying that it’s enough that he rose up to where he is, but you’re not ready to see someone whose not "classy" in the top spot? 

Feeling oppressed, I sang a few songs with local Obama, then headed back over to the character editor.  Only this time, there was a new girl in town…

I think she just winked at meAnd is she ready to rock?  You betcha!  I think I’ll nominate her to play Bass.  Because Bass is kind of like Vice Guitar. 

And if my aging guitarist keels over during our next gig, that’s cool.  She’s totally qualified to play lead guitar. 

She has much more guitar experience than Obama, anyway.  All he is is a lead singer.  And he wasn’t even in the band that long; he practically started touring the day he arrived. 

It doesn’t matter that she’s never toured Japan.  She puts this Country First. 

All aborad the Straight ROCK Express.  Its’s time to get mavericky up in here.

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  • you would be a good guest speaker for the ap classes. they’re doing the big satire unit right now. 😉

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