Posting to Blogger from Word

Hi Imma,

Posting to Blogger from Word has been a challenge. I really love writing in Word, especially the 2007 version. It sure beats Blogger’s online editor.

There are three things I do a lot, and only one of them works:

1. Write a new post. This one works. The best I can do to answer your question is to show you a screen clip of the settings I use to connect to Blogger. I didn’t have to do anything special beyond this.

2. Post pictures. This fails. I can’t tell if it’s because of a bug between Word and Blogger or because of my ftp site or settings.

3. Edit an existing post. Doesn’t work. This was what my original blog post was about.

Since the Word->Blogger posting has been so inconsistent, I usually post to my blog via email. One of the settings in blogger is to create a special email address to which you can send posts, and they will automatically be posted to your blog. I usually send from gmail in the web browser, but to get the full functionality of Microsoft Office Word editing, you could write the email in Outlook, which is what I’m doing now. I’ll try to post this email to my blog as well to see how well it shows up. My guess is that it will look fine, except the picture will be too large.

Good luck,

[edit: The original post of this image (from email) failed. I had to go back in through Blogger’s online editor to re-upload it.]

3 Responses

  • Hmm, that picture didn’t work either.

  • The formatting’s a little screwed up too.. the numbered lists start before the margin (atleast in Google Reader).

  • I see that too when I read it on my website directly. It looked even worse when it got imported into Facebook, there were several pieces of markup which made it through unencoded.

    I deleted the post in Facebook since this was really only meant to be an experiment.

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