Postal Irony

I get a lot of mail.  Typically, it's from people who want money, people to whom I've previously given money, and people to whom I've previously given money who want more money.

This concoction creates some interesting ironies in my mail pile, including these two letters I received last week.


The ACLU is not a surprise.  I give them money all the time.  Bush is a different story.  I haven't opened this letter, but it's pretty obvious why I got it and what he's asking for.  Back in January, I gave a few bucks to to John McCain to help make sure he beat Romney and Giuliani.   Now, the apparently think I'm a Republican, and want me to donate to the RNC.  Not gonna happen.

I'm a little torn, now.  Should I request to be removed from the Republican mailing list?

Argument in favor: It's a waste off paper.  Go green! Save natural resources!

Argument against: It costs the Republicans money to send me letters asking for money.  As long as I don't send any more cash, I'm helping to ensure an Obama victory in 2008.


Bonus Irony:

Last week, I also got an email from John McCain, with the subject Act Now to Stop a Democrat Takeover, which contained a laughably blatant misuse of the word "grassroots":

I truly believe the only way we can stop the Democrats is if dedicated Republicans, like you, step forward immediately and support the Republican National Committee's VICTORY 2008project — a grassroots effort that is the backbone of our entire Republican Party.