Peace and Quiet

Imagine a generator…

Now imagine a locomotive…

Now picture a generator the size of a locomotive.

That is what is sitting outside my building, about 75 feet below window right now. It sounds like a freight train and smells like a schoolbus tailpipe. Why is there a locomotive-sized generator outside my window? That’s how you restore power to a 25-story apartment tower! Harbor Steps had a catastrophic power failure yesterday, affecting my entire tower.

Last night turned out to be a glorious respite from electricity. I lit some candles. I cozied up with my a new novel and read for an hour. Then, I changed into some soft, extra-warm clothes, nestled snugly under my comforter, sleeping soundly in my pleasingly brisk room.

This cacophony will prevent such a peaceful slumber this night.

According to our concierge, we should be back on grid power by Tuesday.