Music- the ups and the downs

Hugo and I went to Ozzie’s last night with Stephen, Eliot, Julie and Daniel. This was the first time I had been. Guess what they have at Ozzies….

If you guessed Karaoke 7 nights a week, and double karaoke (upstairs and downstairs) every Friday and Saturday, then you would be correct. Welcome to the Jungle indeed.

At one of the downstairs bars in Ozzie’s (there are several), their music mix included both Lover I Don’t Have to Love by Bright Eyes and The Hurricane by Bob Dylan.

Because I am lazy, I waited until yesterday to buy my tickets for The Faint. They are sold out already. We are going to try to buy some scalped tickets the day of the show.

In other news,

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  • wow that’s sad. you made the effort to post in your blog about the faint concert, but didn’t buy tickets two weeks ago?

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