Life as a Refugee

It's been one week since the "unfortunate series of events" went down at Harbor Steps.  The power is still off, and I'm living off of free Wi-Fi and Chai Lattes. 
Harbor Steps' response to the entire situation has been stellar.  The day after the meltdown, their Hospitality kicked in… here's how we've been treated since
  • Sunday afternoon: Harbor Steps staff sets up free lunch buffet for all affected residents
  • Sunday night: Harbor Steps offers free dinner coupons to dine at one of several local restaurants
  • Monday afternoon: Harbor Steps notifies us that power will not be on until at least Tuesday.   We are offered hotel rooms at the Sheraton courtesy of Harbor Steps.  Or, if we chose to decline the hotel, we could either live in our apartment or make our own arrangements, and discount our rent for every day the power was off.  Hugo and I choose the Sheraton.
  • Since Monday: The estimate for repairs to be complete is extended until at least this coming Monday.  Harbor Steps extends our hotel reservations.
Overall, the disaster management of our building staff has been stellar.  I am very glad that we choose to live there, even if we are not at the moment.

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  • life as a refugee for you sounds cushy.

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