Killing ur d00ds

If it weren’t tough enough to watch Texas get burned by the Kansas State Wildcats, for some reason I could not get this image out of my head. Thanks to the magic of paint, now it can be stuck in your head too.

You have to give Kansas State credit. They played as smart and aggressively all game. They exploited our inconsistent secondary and capitalized on turnovers.

If the ‘Horns want to be considered among the college football elite, we have to win games like this one. We have to be strong enough as a team to overcome the loss of our starting quarterback.

The truth is, we’ve been sneaking away with comebacks for a long time now. The recent Oklahoma State games, the last two times we’ve played at Nebraska, both Rose Bowls, 4th and 18…

That Kansas game in 2004 was one of those games we probably deserved to lose, but won anyway. If there is any karmic balance in the college football universe, Saturday’s game was a tip back toward equilibrium.

By the way, if you’re not familiar with the reference here, it is a rehash of this cliché which has been getting lots of recent
attention on boingboing. Photo credit goes to Charlie Riedel of the AP. I found it from

Hook ’em.