In case you haven’t heard, Internet Explorerer 7 Beta 2 Preview is available for download. I’ve been using early builds of IE 7 for about six months now, and it’s hard to go back. Many of the things I like about the new IE are the reasons why I have been a Firefox user since … since it was called Phoneix.

Here is what I like about the new IE, grouped by “in Firefox” and “actually cooler than firefox”

In Firefox:
Tabs. Glorious tabs.
Popup blocking
Search box in the north-east corener
RSS feed support

Actually cooler than Firefox:
Full page zoom… seriously. No more fonts refusing to resize.
Tab preview
Phishing filter

Be heard! Please send feedback. It will make the product better. Link is also available from the help menu.

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  • hey, i want to try vista!

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