Hello again everyone

Brette and SageOK, sorry for the delay. That was a pretty crazy summer. It all started in May when Kayla flew up to Seattle from Austin to visit for a long Memorial Day weekend. Then begun the Summer of Brette. In the middle was a visit from Mom and Dad. All together, there wasn’t much blogging to do, since my entire blog audience was up here anyway.

The latest thing everyone should know about is my new flickr photo site. Two weeks ago, I began uploading the 4000+of digital pics I’ve taken since I bought my camera in 2004. Soon I will begin uploading the archive of film photos dating back through my freshman year of college, and some earlier. Thanks, Kayla, for scanning those!

Since Brette has been gone, I’ve been reading a lot more, and sleeping — sometimes 8 hours a night! I’ve also returned to my ProClub routine. The frequency of eating out has also returned to pre-summer levels. I guess that’s a good thing and a bad thing.

With some of my newly discovered free time, I’ve been frequenting a variety of Seattle’s famous and not-so-famous coffee shops to relax and read. Another planned coffeshop activity is continuing the tagging of my flickr photos … an easy, but repetetive task.

Some random summer notes:

  • Brette was here. It was fantastic. See the photos — they tell the story pretty well.
  • I skipped Karaoke this week. That broke an 8-week stretch of
    self-amusement at the Emigrant.
  • Speaking of Karaoke and Brette, this summer we sang two of the cheesiest duets in the history of recorded music: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, by Elton John and Kiki Dee, and I’ve Had the Time of My Life, from Dirty Dancing.
  • Some fun solo flights included Welcome to the Jungle, Take on Me, and Power of Love … featuring the drunk girl jumping on my back while I was singing.
  • We discovered Byzantion, the best restaurant int the universe.
  • I went Kayaking around Lake Union with my coworkers. My arms were sore for 4 days.
  • I’m thinking about getting a new car. I test drove 4 last Saturday: Audi A3, Audi A4, Lexus IS250 and Acura TSX. Of the set, the Acura wins. I am waiting for them to release the 2007 models in the Fall.

And the last last tidbit for this late coffee-prolonged post: how I unexpectedly found a photo of myself while looking for a photo of someone else. The person who took the photo does not know me, but she might after I IM her to tell her this story, and ask for a copy of the full-sized picture. I’ll use initials below for the people who may not want to be public online.

Earlier tonight, whileI was also not sleeping because I had too much coffee today I thought to myself, “Remember Kayla’s friend KH? From Softball? She was cute. I wonder what she’s up to; where she went to school. I bet she’s on Facebook. After remembering how to spell her name, I found a girl that was probably her. As is the case with people on Facebook who are not your friends or in your network, you cannot click thorugh to their profile.

So, yeah, that’s probably her. Hmm, wonder if she has a blog. A Google search to that effect finds a different person, KA, who uses KH’s full name in a post on her. Interesting, KA went to high school in my district. Even more interesting, KA has a photo sharing site. Let’s see what she shares.

Hey – even though she goes to a different school, she’s clearly a Texas Longhorns fan. She even has some game photos. Cool! UT vs. A&M 2004 — I was at that game (yeah, I know, I was at every game for five years)… but what is this? A close-up of the Senior T on the field? Yes it is. Good picture, KA! That’s me 4 steps inside the 10, with Brendan to my right and Sarah to my left. Hook ’em baby.

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