Fresh Windows and Live Writer

I spent most of yesterday spring cleaning: my computer.  What’s new?

  1. Windows Vista reinstalled.  It used to be 64-bit, and now I’ve gone back to 32-bit for greater compatibility.
  2. Windows Vista SP1 installed.  Things seem to be a little faster.  I’ll see how I feel after a week.
  3. I’m also trying out the new Windows Live desktop applications
    • This post is being written in the new Windows Live Writer. 
      • So far I’ve been impressed at how easy it was to set up to use my special "Blogger blog published to my own domain" setup. 
      • The application is really clean, and seems to do everything I want. 
      • I’m inserting a picture below to test out how that works … when blogging with Word 2008, that did not go so well.  And check out that nice drop shadow on the picture.  Lovely.
      • Notice I’m writing a numbered list with sub-bullets (rather than numbers).  This is something that the Blogger online editor does very poorly.  Hopefully this shows up well once uploaded.
    • Live Photo Gallery and Live Mail are looking pretty promising too.
  4. Hey, cool, Back-dent (the opposite of using the tab key to indent) works šŸ™‚

Anyway, today is basketball.  Some friends are coming over and we’re going to have pancakes and root for Texas and Davidson. 

This photo was taken by Hugo on Easter weekend.  The tulip is form Pike Place Market.