Cranberry Lime Tarts and Turducken

Brie invited us over to her house Saturday night for a tri-meat feast. She and Jonathan prepared a commanding Turducken and a battery of delicious sides. I was tapped to bring dessert, so i made a set of Cranberry Lime Tarts.

See the magic:

The entire dinner was amazing, as is the tradition over at Brie’s. The tarts came out great, too, and had many happy customers.

Some things I learned from this recipe:
– Vegetable peelers are perfect for making decorative curls of white chocolate
– DO NOT grease the sides of your pie pan.
– Some recipes take a long time. This one contains the word “overnight” twice.
– Crust is delicious

If you click through to the flickr, you can read all of the photo descriptions as well.

The recipe comes from epicurious.