Cecks and Balances

Two topics in this post.
Topic 1: A week ago today, I got pulled over.  It was the first I've been stopped in over seven years.  I got a ticket.
Topic 2: Today I wrote my ninth check since moving to Seattle.  I've had this checking account since February 2005.  With electronic bill pay and credit cards, there are very few reasons to write checks.  So few, I can enumerate them:

Check  Date                Purpose


100      Oct 20, 2005   Title and License fee for my Honda Civic    

101      Jun 8, 2006      Payment to a friend who paid for a group whitewater rafting trip

102      Sep 12, 2006   Small balance owed in rent payment to my apartment

103      Nov 21, 2006    Passport renewal fee

104      Jan 20, 2007    Down payment for my new car

105      Apr 18, 2007    Gas money owed to a friend who paid when my card wouldn’t swipe

106      May 22, 2007  Payment to a friend for drinks on the links fee

107      July 2, 2007     Magazine subscription

108       Nov 19, 2007    Payment to my lawyer who is contesting my traffic ticket J


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  • you neglected to mention what the citation was for…

  • I am unable to comment on an active legal matter.

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