Best Five out of Seven

In the beginning, the Clinton campaign claimed it was delegates won, not momentum that counted.

When Obama pulled ahead in delegates, it was about the popular vote.

When Obama pulled ahead in the popular vote, it was about "big states".

… and then it was bellweather states like Ohio

…then came the argument for electability

… and then it was how well you fared in states if you count their November electoral votes …


What happens when it seems she’ll never give up?  Just ask Bill and Ted.  (I’m beginning to believe there’s a Bill and Ted metaphor for anything and everything.)


And to my friend who is longing for that call from Keanau, maybe this will help tide you over in the time being.

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  • haha just like i am convinced that seinfeld can be applied to everything

  • Mom

    You are just too funny. That is my favorite part of Bill & Ted #2.

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