And the beat goes on

Eleventh day since the incident. 
Yesterday was a great day.
I had to check out of the Sheraton because Harbor Steps could no longer extend our reservations day-by-day.  The hotel was booked because Microsoft's Tech Ready 4 conference is in town (and the Sheraton is next door to the Convention Center).  Why is that a good thing?  While our building still is not ready, I was relocated to a better hotel.  I am now residing in the Silver Cloud hotel.  The Silver Cloud beats the Sheraton in many ways:
  1. Free internet.  No longer do I have to flee to Tully's to send email
  2. 42" Plasma TV in my room
  3. Fridge and microwave in my room 🙂
  4. Free breakfast
Also because of Tech Ready 4, Jackie is back in town.  🙂  Jackie joined us after work for …
Brie and I organized an outing to trivia.  We had about a dozen people come, so we made two teams.  In the end, my team was in a 3-way tie for first with 31 points, and our other team had 30 points.  Shawn and I went up for the tiebreaker, and we won!  This is the second time that my team has won trivia.
I didn't even have to bring it up, but several of the trivia folks wanted to do Karaoke afterward.  I sang Refugee by Tom Petty as a tribute to my living situation.