24 Facts about Sage

Inspired by Erin Dean’s “26 Facts about Erin“, I’ve compiled 24 Facts about Sage.

1. I organize my clothes by type of collar.

2. For exactly the same reason as Erin’s second fact, I have not bought a polo shirt since 2004. [edit] I looked into my closet and realized that was false.

3. When Erin ate my pizza, I felt closer to her.

4. Why I started riding the bus to work …

  • 70% – Time to Read!
  • 20% – I get exercise by walking uphill to the bus stop on 4th Ave
  • 6% – I’m on track to exceed my 10,000 mile/year lease
  • 4% – Al Gore and polar bears

5. Whenever I write a grocery list, I intentionally misspell “serial” and laugh quietly to myself

6. I have five years worth of saved IM conversations.

7. I enjoy hanging out in Steinbrueck Park because it is also popular with tourists, homeless people, weirdoes and drug dealers.

8. I can taste the difference between Starbucks, Seattle’s Best and Tully’s coffee.

9. Since high school, I have read exactly one fiction book.

10. I have enumerated the shortcomings in the user interface design of my car.

11. I have won a pie eating contest.

12. My college roommate Brendan and I once took our laundry quarters and bought 42 bouncy balls from a prize machine … one each for every person riding the trombone bus.

13. I built a flame throwing trombone with my friend Will.

14. In elementary school, I would skip recess once a week to go to the library and play Geo Jeopardy.

15. I really only cook for other people, rarely for myself.

16. After I’m done watching a movie, I usually can’t recall the character’s names.

17. I think it’s really adorable when girls sit cross-legged in the front passenger seat of my car.

18. I lived in New York for 11 years 2 months, Texas for 11 years 2 months, and Seattle for 2 years 3 months

19. Double Fact: Watching SuperSize Me made me crave a Big Mac. I eat at McDonalds approximately twice per year.

20. I feel personally responsible every time my team does not sweep the music category at trivia night.

21. My favorite art in my apartment are two paintings that I bought from the artist on the side of the road.

22. I am very good at whistling.

23. My best job ever (and worst-paying) was being a Longhorn Music Camp counselor.

24. I still see “adults” as a different category of people.

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