Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I couldn't resist

Chat Information Welcome to's Customer Service Live Chat! You will be joined with a chat representative as quickly as possible. (Less than 2 minutes)
Chat InformationWelcome to Customer Service, you are now chatting with Brynn.
Brynn: Thanks for visiting, this is Brynn. How can I help you?
you: I'm writing with regard to an order I placed a week ago
Brynn: To help you better, please let me know your concern.
you: Sure. The order number is 60*******.
you: According to the Overstock site, it was shipped on Nov. 21
you: I contacted DHL, and they indicated that the vendor, Wholesale Interiors, never delivered a package to them.
Brynn: I'm sorry to know that, however, I'll check this for you.
Brynn: For security purposes, can you please verify the name and billing address on the account?
you: Thank you
you: Sage Kitamorn
you: ******
you: Seattle, WA 98101
Brynn: Are you referring to the "Jarcy Full-leather Espresso Storage Cube Ottoman"?
you: That is correct
Brynn: Sage, thank you for confirming the item and verification.
Brynn: After reviewing your account, I see that the item was shipped out on 11/21/2007 via the DHL and it is currently in transit to you.
Brynn: Under the general shipping option, you can expect your order to be delivered to you within 10 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays) from the order date.
Brynn: However, the tracking has not been updaetd.
Brynn: I'll immediately contact our Specialized Representatives regarding this.
you: I called DHL ...
you: thanks
Brynn: They'll check and get back to you within 1 to 2 business days via email or phone with the updated information.
Brynn: Is there anything else I can help you with?
you: Do you type each message you send, or do you have macros for common phrases?
Brynn: We do have a shortcut keys for responses and we type as well.
you: I only ask because you are able to respond rather quickly with well-formed responses.
Brynn: Thank you.
you: Thanks for entertaining my curiousity.
Brynn: Would there be anything else I can help you with?
you: No other business concerns. I look forward to hearning from the representative regarding my shipment.
Brynn: Thanks so much for shopping with . Have a pleasant night.
you: You're welcome, and good night.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanks, iTunes. 'Preciate it.

A few days ago, I noticed that I was almost out of diskspace on my 110 GB "sage" partition. I wasn't totally surprised, since I do take a lot of pictures, and my new download habits with my all-you-can-eat Zune Pass subscription was sure to be responsible.

I don't have a Zune, but I'm switching to the newly released software Zune software since it a generational leap ahead of iTunes. As part of the switch, I was transferring my podcast subscrptions. Lo and behold, look what I found...


Looks like iTunes has been creating a temp file several times a day, 11 MB-19 MB each, for a total of 1641 files and 17.2 GB. And what for? The typical usage pattern is that the file is written, read once two hours later, and then never again.

iTunes says these are safe to delete, but it doesn't excuse the fact that it keeps "temp" files that are years old.


Friday, November 23, 2007

Bald Eagles

Conservapedia. For a site created to be a pro-American and pro-Conservative alternative to Wikipedia, I would expect a decent article for bald eagle.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cecks and Balances

Two topics in this post.
Topic 1: A week ago today, I got pulled over.  It was the first I've been stopped in over seven years.  I got a ticket.
Topic 2: Today I wrote my ninth check since moving to Seattle.  I've had this checking account since February 2005.  With electronic bill pay and credit cards, there are very few reasons to write checks.  So few, I can enumerate them:

Check  Date                Purpose


100      Oct 20, 2005   Title and License fee for my Honda Civic    

101      Jun 8, 2006      Payment to a friend who paid for a group whitewater rafting trip

102      Sep 12, 2006   Small balance owed in rent payment to my apartment

103      Nov 21, 2006    Passport renewal fee

104      Jan 20, 2007    Down payment for my new car

105      Apr 18, 2007    Gas money owed to a friend who paid when my card wouldn't swipe

106      May 22, 2007  Payment to a friend for drinks on the links fee

107      July 2, 2007     Magazine subscription

108       Nov 19, 2007    Payment to my lawyer who is contesting my traffic ticket J


Making Over My Office

Last week, I decided it was time to start "personalizing" my office. Here's what it looks like after one weekend of work.

Later phases will add a small ottoman, some speakers, and art in lieu of the whiteboard above the couch.

This is the back half of the office. See the front half here.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Romeo and Maria

This morning I was driving to Redmond and rocking out to Tchaikovsky.  I was listening to the Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture, which you probably know from the incredibly famous love theme . 


There's a part near the very end of the twenty-minute piece  that caught my attention.    


Listen to the low strings in this clip.  


Sound familiar? 


There's a place for us ...


Is this a coincidence?  Or is Bernstein quoting Tchaikovsky?  West Side Story is itself inspired by Romeo and Juliet.   It seems equally plausible that the score from the musical also pays homage to its forbearers.


The placement of these segments within their pieces is very similar as well.  Musically, in the Overture, it's pretty clear that this part come after the lovers are dead (or at least Romeo).  In West Side Story, Somewhere is sung by the living Tony and Maria, but the theme reprised again in the Finale after Tony is shot. 


 I think this is intentional, but I can't find proof.   (While searching, I did find this cool NPR story, though.)  What do you think?


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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Daylight Saving Time

So much for having more daylight ... Seattle's northern latitude, plus the fact that we set our clocks back, means that the sun will set tonight at 4:47 PM.
It will keep getting worse until December 21, the day the sun sets at 4:20 PM.
But it does balance out.  There is always that great time in June to look forward to, when we have nearly 16 hours of daylight and a special parade to celebrate the sun.