Friday, February 09, 2007

Home again

After 13 days as a refugee, the power is back on and we are at home.  It felt great to sleep in my own bed.  It feels great to sit in my La-Z-Boy.  Looking over at my closet...that's a lot of dirty laundry.
I'm hanging out with Stephen tonight, and this weekend is puzzlehunt.  I wonder when I'm actually going to get to it.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And the beat goes on

Eleventh day since the incident. 
Yesterday was a great day.
I had to check out of the Sheraton because Harbor Steps could no longer extend our reservations day-by-day.  The hotel was booked because Microsoft's Tech Ready 4 conference is in town (and the Sheraton is next door to the Convention Center).  Why is that a good thing?  While our building still is not ready, I was relocated to a better hotel.  I am now residing in the Silver Cloud hotel.  The Silver Cloud beats the Sheraton in many ways:
  1. Free internet.  No longer do I have to flee to Tully's to send email
  2. 42" Plasma TV in my room
  3. Fridge and microwave in my room :)
  4. Free breakfast
Also because of Tech Ready 4, Jackie is back in town.  :-)  Jackie joined us after work for ...
Brie and I organized an outing to trivia.  We had about a dozen people come, so we made two teams.  In the end, my team was in a 3-way tie for first with 31 points, and our other team had 30 points.  Shawn and I went up for the tiebreaker, and we won!  This is the second time that my team has won trivia.
I didn't even have to bring it up, but several of the trivia folks wanted to do Karaoke afterward.  I sang Refugee by Tom Petty as a tribute to my living situation.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Life as a Refugee

It's been one week since the "unfortunate series of events" went down at Harbor Steps.  The power is still off, and I'm living off of free Wi-Fi and Chai Lattes. 
Harbor Steps' response to the entire situation has been stellar.  The day after the meltdown, their Hospitality kicked in... here's how we've been treated since
  • Sunday afternoon: Harbor Steps staff sets up free lunch buffet for all affected residents
  • Sunday night: Harbor Steps offers free dinner coupons to dine at one of several local restaurants
  • Monday afternoon: Harbor Steps notifies us that power will not be on until at least Tuesday.   We are offered hotel rooms at the Sheraton courtesy of Harbor Steps.  Or, if we chose to decline the hotel, we could either live in our apartment or make our own arrangements, and discount our rent for every day the power was off.  Hugo and I choose the Sheraton.
  • Since Monday: The estimate for repairs to be complete is extended until at least this coming Monday.  Harbor Steps extends our hotel reservations.
Overall, the disaster management of our building staff has been stellar.  I am very glad that we choose to live there, even if we are not at the moment.