Friday, February 03, 2006

Included in the box!

Why do new ovens come with roasting pans? You know, the two-piece pan with the shallow bottom and drip-through slotted tray top? I was wondering this morning in the shower. This has to be the least-used pan in my kitchen. Why don't they give you a free cookie sheet? Or 9x13" rectangular pan?

In other news, the White House is stonewalling congress []. The Senate Intelligence comittee wants to know how the Bush Administration justifies the legality of the domestic surveillance program. The administration wrote a "whitepaper" about the decision, but refuses to share the memos in which the lawyers actually gave the advice.

I know that in the civil arena, we have attourney-client privilege, but this is different. This is the pertinent subcomittee of the Senate exercising it's oversight duty.

Behind all the spin, you have to wonder what is in those legal opinions. If they supported the warrantless domestic wiretapping as it is being done, we would have seen them a long time ago. But what is much more likely is that the several memos contain the legal advice that the program is in fact illegal, or at best tenuously legal, which the adminstration then ignored.

On top of this, Republicans are trying to play watch-the-birdie by claiming [] that

"...the most serious issue was the unauthorized leak of sensitive information on intelligence."

I'm glad they cleared that up! The real problem is not what they did, but how they got caught. This is disgusting.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006


In case you haven't heard, Internet Explorerer 7 Beta 2 Preview is available for download. I've been using early builds of IE 7 for about six months now, and it's hard to go back. Many of the things I like about the new IE are the reasons why I have been a Firefox user since ... since it was called Phoneix.

Here is what I like about the new IE, grouped by "in Firefox" and "actually cooler than firefox"

In Firefox:
Tabs. Glorious tabs.
Popup blocking
Search box in the north-east corener
RSS feed support

Actually cooler than Firefox:
Full page zoom... seriously. No more fonts refusing to resize.
Tab preview
Phishing filter

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